Our medical wig clinic for hair loss is dedicated to providing top-notch, customized solutions that meet the unique needs of each individual client. With years of experience and expertise in this field, our team has pioneered innovative techniques while staying on the leading edge of industry trends. We offer a wide range of WIGS tailored to helping clients look and feel their best including custom measurement, fitting & styling consultations as well as aftercare guidance. In addition to ensuring a perfect fit with high-quality wigs made from virgin hair, we use specialized treatment applications designed by our experienced technicians, so every customer feels like they are wearing their own natural hair. By combining our unwavering commitment to quality with state-of-the art equipment and resources, customers can trust us when it comes time to find a reliable solution catered specifically towards them - giving you confidence at an affordable price point! Welcome to our Medical Wig Clinic for Hair Loss! Our clinic offers a wide range of solutions and services designed to give you back your hair. Whether you're dealing with Alopecia, chemotherapy side effects, or any other form of female pattern baldness, we'll help tailor the perfect solution for your needs. Our professional staff have extensive experience working with individuals who suffer from hair loss—each member is trained in offering compassionate care and excellent service within this specialized field. We understand that undergoing treatment can be overwhelming, so we make sure all steps are performed with comfort in mind. From private consultations and fittings through custom crafting to styling assistance and post-sales follow ups--we've got it covered! Our medical wigs are available in an assortment of styles across many different head shapes and sizes. They come constructed using high quality 100% human real Remy unprocessed ethically sourced natural hair fibers, guaranteeing long lasting wearability even under extreme conditions (i.e.: swimming). Plus, they feature secure integration accessories like combs & adjustable elastic straps which allow more discreet attachment if desired; whichever works best fits YOU. Our team will also provide personalized styling advice on maintenance as well as aftercare instructions/recommendations upon pick up too, because just like “real” growing hair―you still need regular cuts & trims ;) And finally rest assured knowing that each wig purchased includes complimentary checkups every 6 months [or until the item expires], qualifying repairs where needed, PLUS a full refund guarantee should anything go awry….so don't wait any longer…Contact us today …and let's get started on YOUR journey towards regaining YOUR beautiful confidence! Wigs are an excellent way to achieve a glamorous look with minimal effort. They offer a natural and seamless finish, providing extra length, volume, and texture to your natural hair. With proper care and maintenance, they can last for up to 2-3 years, making them a cost-effective solution for anyone looking to change up their look. These wigs come already to styled and slide on ORDER YOUR CUSTOM WIG BELOW OR LETUS PROVIDE YOU WITH OUR WIG MAINTENANCE SERVICE WE ALSO REVAMP AND REPAIR OLD WIGS SCHEDULE FOR A DROP OFF BELOW